Tengsheng 5/7 battery charger 4 slot 5/7 AA/AAA battery universal charger 1.2v


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#bisa beli ke lapak ku bisa kirim kirim kak – untuk kota besar di jawa tengah make wahana aja murah banged !

This small fast charger can charge 4 No. 5 (No. 7) rechargeable batteries at a time. Each battery has an LED red light indication. There is no correlation between each battery. One to four batteries can be charged at one time. They are all independent channels, and the charging current of a single-cell rechargeable battery is 100MA.


1. Do not disassemble and assemble the charger for indoor use.
2. Children must use this charger under the supervision of an adult.
3. Please pay attention to the correct use method when using the charger. The charger has a (+) symbol indicating the positive pole, which corresponds to the (+) symbol of the rechargeable battery.

4. Do not put 1.5V dry battery, disposable battery into this charger to charge

barang yang laen bisa cari di web ku ini kak Harga terbaru bisa wa kak kadang berubah sama stok nya ya – terima kasih banyak

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